About Monica

I do not diagnose or treat disease.
I support the body, promote wellness, enhance vitality, and educate

Monica is a Clinical Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, & Lifestyle Coach. She has studied Western Herbal Tradition, homeopathy, nutrition, and healthy living since the mid 1990’s; in 2018 she rounded out her education by taking life coaching courses; this expanded not only her self awareness but ultimately increased the value she could provide to her clients.

She has taught others how to use herbs for many years and began offering workshops and apprenticeships in 2016, in 2018 she opened a holistic herbal school – Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals (found at Huckleberry Health Hub) and has enjoyed working with the women who commit themselves to the program, watching them blossom as they learn more.

Being included in each woman’s journey to find the best version of themselves is a privilege and a role she takes very seriously.



My interest in the human body and helping people to achieve wellness started when I was in high school. My senior year, I decided to become a CNA and work with the elderly and disabled. In 1990/91 I was able to continue using my training to work in a hospital ICU as a patient monitor for very critical patients – monitoring urine output, temperature, blood pressure and their overall health. A few years later, I became very interested in learning about medicine and enrolled in a Pharmacy Technician program. The curriculum was challenging, but very fun; it was there I discovered medication was derived from plants🌼🌿

I threw myself into the study of plants, grabbing any books I could find on herbs, plant identification, and homeopathy. I started using herbs and homeopathic medicine with my family and helping friends do the same. I also began studying nutrition and cooking using whole foods. I then became a lactation support mom with the La Leche League to help new moms become comfortable nursing their babies (the healthiest start to life!).

In 2011 I delved into the world of cancer and holistic therapies (specifically the Gerson Therapy Method) because my mom was diagnosed with late stage-4 breast cancer. Though the therapy didn’t reverse her disease, it did allow her to get off her pain meds and anti-depressants for the last few months of her life. Being free of pain gave her the ability to be present and alert in order enjoy her family.

After that I was even more convinced that we can effectively use nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, and herbs to promote health and prevent disease.

I’ve never stopped my study of herbs, nature cure, and nutrition, but I added the study of the brain, exercise, and essential oils around 2011. Then in 2014, after 24 years in the Marine Corps my hubby retired and we were able to settle down.  At that point, I began offering herbal workshops and apprenticeships and decided to pursue a certificate as a Master Clinical Herbalist. After completion, I began seeing clients on a limited basis because my passion at that time was primarily on teaching wildcrafting and growing herbs, medicine making, & holistic health. In 2018 I jumped into a 3 year program of holistic nutrition while also starting an in-person holistic herbal school. We began offering that program online in 2019 and now that the biggest course is built, I am able to see clients more often. I still use my consult time to educate and empower each client to take charge of her own health, but it’s personalized and I really like that.

It is a passion of mine to learn as much as I can in order to help others take control of their own health, happiness, and future.