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Are you ready to find balance and vitality, and stop just treating symptoms?

Achieve your health & nutrition goals

As women we tend to be caregivers. Many times we put our families, job, and even friends before our own needs and health. So let us say this now, “your health is important too!”

How can you keep going if you are getting so drained day after day? Eventually there will be nothing left.

At Women’s Holistic Health Clinic we are serious about helping you find balance in your life and restructure your diet and lifestyle to help you find health and joy again. We use several tools to establish your ideal diet and lifestyle – Nutri-body analysis, iridology, measurements, intake, and interview to get the whole picture. The first appointment lasts 60-90 minutes to ensure you are able to share everything you are concerned about.

Whether you have a medical condition that requires specialised nutritional intervention, you want to lose weight, you are struggling with anxiety, imbalanced hormones, or you want to adapt a long-term healthy lifestyle to maximize longevity, together we can reach your goals. 

Lifestyle Change

Learn how to evaluate your habits and make changes to achieve optimum health and weight management

Weight Loss

Reach your weight goals and transform your body through a healthy diet and lifestyle transition that will produce lasting results

Medical Conditions

Get professional nutritional counseling and support to manage health issues like hormone dysregulation, metabolic syndrome, anxiety, depression, menopause, fertility, and gut dysbiosis.

My goal is help you find balance once again and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Together I want us to smash your health goals and find sustainable ways for you to adopt and maintain healthy habits for long-term results.

Guidance and support every step of the way toward a healthier lifestyle

Whatever your health goals are, we will be right there, alongside you in your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Follow up appointments

If you live near the Sandpoint, Idaho area we can meet in the clinic as much as every week or as infrequent as once a month. If you prefer, we can meet via telehealth video, or a combo of both. You decided how you want your journey to look.

Unlimited support via Practice Better Messaging System

Reach out anytime you have a question about your current step in our program.

Journey toward health

We've created a tiered health program that is geared toward achieving your individual health goals and focusing on your individual dietary needs.
Steps of the Program:
1. Prepare (3-6 months)
2. Progress (4-8 months)
3. Transform (6-12 months)
4. Live it! (lifetime)

Dietary & body analysis

It's difficult to know how far you've come if you don't know where you started. We will track your measurements, weight, & symptoms so we can assess your progress accurately. If you have bloodwork we will check that on an annual basis to see how you're doing. We also offer access to a non-invasive DNA analysis for even greater insight into your individualized needs.

Are you ready to take action?

If you are serious about seeking change, please fill out this form. It’s important that we each feel this is a good fit and we both understand our role in the process. Pursuing health naturally isn’t easy but it’s worth it! Are you ready?

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